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Dent Umitkoy dental health and aesthetics clinic was founded in 2007 by dentist Songül MİRZAOĞLU. We provide services in the field of smile design with our specialist dentists and experienced staff in Ankara. As a result of the treatment plan which was prepared by our expert team, we offer aesthetic and healthy smiles to our patients.


B.Sc: Ankara University Dentistry, Turkey

Dent Ümitköy


Dent Ümitköy diş sağlığı ve estetiği kliniği 2007 yılında Dt. Songül MİRZAOĞLU tarafından kurulmuştur. Alanında uzman hekimlerimiz ve tecrübeli çalışanlarımız ile gülüş tasarımı alanında Ankara’da hizmet veriyoruz. Uzman ekibimiz tarafından hazırlanan tedavi planını sonucunda hastalarımıza estetik ve sağlıklı gülüşler sunuyoruz


B.Sc: Ankara Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği, Türkiye

M.Sc: Guglielmo Marconi Üniversitesi, İtalya (Estetik Diş Hekimliği)

New York Üniversitesi estetik diş hekimliği eğitimi

Fransa, Portekiz ve Amerika’da estetik ve implantoloji eğitimleri

Our Treatments

We make a difference in smile design with our latest technology equipment and expert doctor staff!

Smile Design

Why is Smile Design Popular?Smile design has become a highly demanded dentistry practice area in recent years,…

Digital Dendistry

What is Digital Dentistry? Digital dentistry is combining  the latest technology with dentistry. Impressions can be taken…

Frequently Asked Questions
of Smile Design

A nest is prepared for the lamina by abrading 0.5 mm from the front surfaces of the teeth. It is a fairly conservative treatment. There is no sensitivity in the teeth and the structure of the teeth is not damaged.

The smile design is completed in 3-10 days. Meanwhile, the patient continues his daily life with the temporary tooth until his laminates are attached.

E-max material is the most preferred coating type in smile design. It provides a natural and perfect smile with its resemblance to natural teeth and its light transmission feature.

Frequently Asked Questions About Implants

Laser whitening with new technology is a procedure that is applied without the need for anesthetizing the teeth. It is a painless procedure that gives results in 20 minutes. Mild sensitivity after the procedure In this case, the sensitivity ends within a day.

It has been seen in studies that quality implants made by an experienced physician can stay in the mouth for up to 40 years. The implants we make are guaranteed for life by the companies.

The placement time of a single implant in the dental bone is approximately 15-20 minutes. The patient does not feel pain during this period. The operation area is completely numb with local anesthesia. After the operation, our patient can easily overcome this process with painkillers that he will use for 1-2 days.
It may take 2-3 months for the implant to fully fuse with the bone. After this period, the crown, which is the upper structure of the implant, can be placed.

Dent Umitkoy

Process of the treatment

It is the stage where the necessary examinations are determined and carried out. After the examinations are completed, the patient’s expectation from the treatment and the functioning of the treatment process determined by the doctor are planned.

It is the stage of applying the dental treatment and preparing the teeth for treatment, which is necessary before the application.

It is the stage where the coatings prepared according to the patient’s aesthetic and treatment expectation are tried.

It is the stage where the treatment process is completed by applying the veneers prepared during the rehearsal process on the tooth.

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