Implant dental treatment, which has become very common and applied today, is a frequently preferred treatment among the people. There are several main factors that affect 2022 implant tooth prices and the total cost of dental treatment to be applied. These can be listed as follows.

Brand of implants
Surgeon’s skill and experience
Application of the appropriate surgical method
The raw material of the prosthetic tooth to be made on the implant
If we briefly summarize the process from the beginning of the implant treatment to the placement of the prosthetic tooth, when the patient arrives, the implant is placed to integrate into the jawbone and a waiting period, which is usually 3 months, begins. After this waiting period is over, a small piece, which is thought to be shaping the gingiva for the prosthetic tooth called the healing cap, is attached and healed. Waited for 1 week. At the end of 1 week, an impression is taken for the prosthetic tooth to be made and sent to the laboratory. As a result of these processes, the patient comes to the end of the implant treatment and has a prosthetic tooth that replaces his own tooth.

Before getting information about 2022 implant tooth prices, it is important for patients to obtain preliminary information about the treatment and to make sense of the costs.

Functions of Implant Teeth

In which cases implant treatment cannot be applied, how and why is the implant applied? These questions are frequently asked by patients to dentists. Implant therapy has many functions:

In the treatment of missing teeth, implant treatment and restoration of the tooth without touching the surrounding healthy teeth,
Since there are no teeth in front or behind, the patient is made of fixed teeth instead of removable prostheses by placing implants in the bone,
When the removable prosthesis used by the patient is attached, it becomes fixed teeth by placing 2 implants in order to become more stable.
If the patient has lost their teeth and wants an aesthetic smile and fixed teeth, implant treatment is preferred.
Importance and Brief Summary of the Application
If we talk about how implant treatment is applied or should be applied, implant treatment is a safer and easier application than other surgical operations, contrary to what is known. The implant application time of a competent surgeon may not take even 10 minutes. Determining the right angle during the placement of the implant and the condition of the bone tissue to be applied before the treatment plays an important role. This will affect the fusion of the bone and the implant, and the fusion will be more seamless according to the design of the implant. These factors also affect implant tooth prices.

If the implant is not applied properly, it may cause the implant to ‘fail’, that is, the fall of the implant before it ossifies. After the beginning, the implant treatment takes 3.5-4 months, and as a result of a successful treatment, the patient has fixed prosthetic teeth that he will use for years.

Importance of Implant Quality

One of the most important factors that determine the quality of the implant is how well-established it is, the long-term R&D studies and the successful results. With the widespread use of implant treatment, many implant manufacturers have found a place in the medical market. However, not every implant can provide what is desired for the correct implant and prosthetic tooth treatment. It should be noted that every implant brand cannot be trusted as the screw pitch design, biocompatibility and quality of the material from which it is produced will directly affect the course of the treatment. The quality implant should be able to become a whole with the bone so that the patient can feel like his own tooth, not a prosthetic tooth. The part called the neck, that is, the area where the bone ends and the upper part of the implant joins, should not melt over the years. Certain implants that have been used and trusted for years provide and the treatment is successful. Since these successful results are due to the perfect harmony with the jawbone and R&D studies from the past, 2022 implant tooth prices vary, especially due to the fluctuating nature of the exchange rate. Germany and Switzerland are the leading countries where trusted implants are produced and imported. In line with the competitiveness of these products, there are other reliable country brands that have just entered the market.

Summary of Factors Affecting Price

As we mentioned above, there are many factors that affect the success of an implant treatment. So, what affects the price, and how does it change? Most of the implants applied in our country are imported. Due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate, fixed prices cannot be given in TRY. Since the relevant brands determine the sales prices of these implants coming from abroad, it is not possible to obtain a fixed price. As such, it is necessary to consult the relevant dentist for information about 2022 implant tooth prices.

Since the design of the implant is decisive in terms of the harmony and fusion time between the bone and the tooth, different designs of the brands enter our country with different prices. The related fusion period usually takes 3 months, but this period can be shortened with special applications on the implant surface. These products are very useful for patients with time constraints.

Implant tooth prices are also affected by the professionalism and expertise of the surgeon who applied the implant in 2022. Since the competence of the physician applying the implant will change the course of the treatment, it is recommended not to take risks at this point.

Another factor affecting the total treatment cost is the type and quality of the prosthetic tooth to be placed on the implant. While the costs of old-style metal-supported prostheses are more affordable, zirconium and other porcelain veneers can be obtained at higher costs.

2022 Implant Dental Prices

Many factors related to the success of implant treatment and the process in general were mentioned above. In summary, the price of implant treatment affects the implant used, the prosthetic tooth to be placed on it, and the competence of the surgeon who manages the operation. Although more fixed prices were mentioned in the past, inflation and exchange rate fluctuations change the treatment prices in a short time. We cannot always say that the quality of the product increases as the price of the product increases, but it is generally directly proportional. The dentist should be consulted to get the right information and to learn the features and prices of the brands.

However, if you want to have a general idea, implant tooth prices can be learned from the 2022 list of TDB, and a detailed list can be examined. Therefore, 2022 implant tooth prices have increased as in previous years. However, when the prices announced by TDB in the first month of the year are converted into foreign currency with the closing rate of the CBRT of the relevant day, they are quite affordable compared to Europe and other countries. In fact, foreign patients coming from all over the world to benefit from this convenient service prove that 2022 implant tooth prices are still affordable in our country.

It is forbidden to share prices in digital environments other than the price list announced by TDB. Due to the fact that 2022 implant tooth prices are not up to date, the total treatment cost will vary. You can contact us to create a treatment plan and to get detailed information about treatments.