Ankara is a place where there are many dentists who treat bruxism . Bruxism is a common problem in society that can lead to other serious problems. Treatment methods developed for bruxism are various applications to eliminate the problem or its effects.

Ankara is a big city with different options for bruxism treatment . Before the treatment, the patient is examined by the dentists. After the symptoms of bruxism are detected and the diagnosis is finalized, the most appropriate treatment options are determined for the patient. Bruxism is treated with the application that meets the expectations of the patient in terms of cost, time and method .

Ankara Bruxism Treated?

Bruxism is a problem also known as teeth grinding and clenching . It can be seen only at night in some patients, and at any time of the day in some patients. Teeth grinding is a problem that seriously damages the teeth and especially the jaw joints, causing neck and headaches. There are different applications for solving the problem.

Clenching is a problem with very serious consequences. After the possible causes are determined, it should be treated with appropriate methods. A definite cause has not been determined, but some problems and diseases that pose a risk for bruxism are as follows;

  • Parkinson’s disease, dementia and epilepsy,
  • Stressful life and various psychological disorders,
  • Insomnia,
  • Not enought feeding,
  • irregular life,
  • Stomach ailments etc.

After the problem that causes clenching is determined, first of all, studies are carried out to eliminate the cause. It is treated with various drugs and applications such as plaque and filling that mechanically prevent teeth grinding or eliminate the cause .


Teeth Grinding Treatment Methods

In the treatment of teeth grinding, there are methods that eliminate the disease that causes the problem or that cause damage to the muscles that cause the clenching action. There are also various treatment options to prevent tooth and joint damage caused by teeth grinding. Some of them can be listed as follows;

Bruxism treatment with medication : Medication is used in bruxism caused by psychological disorders or stomach problems . Also, in some cases, muscle relaxants, etc. It can be prescribed to reduce the patient’s teeth clenching.

Night plate: With the night plate prepared in accordance with the mouth size, the squeaking problem of the person can be reduced. In addition, thanks to the plaque, it will be possible to prevent the destruction of teeth caused by grinding.

Clenching filling: It is a procedure that weakens the masseter muscles used by the person in clenching teeth . Masseter applied to the jaw joint reduces the force to be applied during clenching. Masseter performed at regular intervals helps to eliminate the habit of clenching teeth.

In addition to these, it is possible to prevent clenching with various massages to the area and with apparatus that works in a logic similar to night plaque.


Bruxism (Teeth Clenching, Teeth Grinding)?

bruxism ? Bruxism , or clenching/grinding, is the involuntary clenching of one’s teeth during sleep or sometimes during the day. In the night version, the jawbone is moved left and right and a squeaking sound is produced. The loudness of this sound can be strong enough to wake the family members and the person. On the other hand, daytime clenching mostly occurs in the form of contraction of the jaw in a way that puts pressure on the teeth.

In both cases, clenching needs to be treated. Otherwise, results that may lead to tooth loss may occur. There are some factors that trigger the problem, the cause of which is not fully known. However, it is possible to heal spontaneously over time, especially in youth and childhood.

Clenching problem is usually easily noticed during the dentist examination. The problem is understood by the development of the masseter muscles, the damage to the tooth surface, and in some cases, the lesions in the jawbone and gums.


If Bruxism Is Not Treated?

Bruxism is a problem that threatens a person’s oral and dental health, sleep quality, and jaw joints if left untreated. In this direction, the answer to the question ” Can bruxism be cured ” will be “yes”.

bruxism is not treated;

  • Various cysts and sores may appear in the mouth.
  • Tooth enamel cracks, tooth fractures occur.
  • Sensitivity in teeth, toothache of unknown cause, etc. it happens.
  • Neck and headaches occur.
  • Inability to sleep, chronic fatigue, etc. is seen.
  • Various problems are seen in the jaw joints.

Therefore, it is necessary to seek rapid diagnosis and treatment options. Is tooth grinding filling, one of the most common procedures for the treatment of bruxism in Ankara , permanent ? Teeth tightening filling is not a permanent application. Filling will melt in about four to five months. However, with regular application, the tightening reflex in the muscles may disappear. There is no definite answer to a question like ” How many sessions does the teething filling end “.

Dent Ümitköy, Ankara is a clinic where specialist physicians are involved in the treatment of bruxism . A safe and comfortable dental treatment process is possible with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced physicians and staff. You can contact us to get information, appointment and price about our teeth clenching treatment and other applications.