Are Those Who Have Zirconium Crowns Satisfied?

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Are those who have zirconium veneer satisfied?” Before answering the question, it is necessary to take a look at the importance of zirconium crowns in dental aesthetics and its development over the years.

In the past, when it was said to have teeth, the choice of veneers to repair broken, decayed or damaged teeth came to mind. The changing aesthetic perception of the patients and their demands in this direction have made zirconium dental veneers more widely used materials over the years. We can say that the non-coloring structure and robustness of zirconium crowns started a new era in dental aesthetics.

Patients had the opportunity to have durable and long-lasting prostheses while having smile aesthetics. With the development of technology, veneers began to better reflect the structure of the natural tooth. Porcelain laminated and “e-max” crowns are new crowns produced with the most advanced material technology at the moment. You can contact us for more detailed information about all coatings and crowns prices.

The factors affecting the satisfaction of patients who have zirconium crowns can be summarized under the following headings. All of the factors are important and play an important role in the correct outcome of the treatment.

The Importance of Crowns Quality

The satisfaction of those who have zirconium crowns is directly related to the quality of the veneer. Zirconium veneers produced with quality raw materials will have a better aesthetic appearance. Again, the quality of the raw material affects the service life of the crowns. Therefore, dissatisfied patients among those who have zirconium crowns complain about the short life of the veneers and color incompatibility.

It should be stated that dental clinics using veneers produced from quality raw materials have achieved good results. On the other hand, patients who did not investigate this situation were not satisfied with the crowns they had made within a few years, so they knocked on the door of the clinics that use quality crowns and work with competent laboratories. You can contact us for detailed information about the crowns used in our clinic.

The Importance of Treatment Planning and Design

Although zirconium veneers are produced from harmless materials that are compatible with tissues, after veneer treatments; Those who have zirconium crowns due to recession, redness, sensitivity and pain in their gums state that they are not satisfied. This problem may be caused by the dentist and technician managing the design rather than the material itself. The fact that the patient with an unhealthy gingival structure is not noticed by the physician will create quite a problem.

Again, it may be a physician’s mistake to reduce the teeth too much, and those who have zirconium crowns may come with similar complaints because they are not satisfied. While the competence of the dentist is important in the measurements taken before the veneers are placed, the competence of the technicians who design the veneers according to these measures can completely change the treatment. Overlooked details may cause coatings not to fit the tooth perfectly. Therefore, only those who have a zirconium crown with a good dentist and technician harmony can be satisfied with this treatment.

Is It Possible for Crowns to Fall Off Over Time?

Although the falling of the crowns seems to be directly related to the material quality, the bonding technique is just as important. We can say that if the veneers are applied with the right technique and surface practice, those who have zirconium veneers will be satisfied with the treatment and the veneers will not change their position for a long time.

Ignoring minor problems during rehearsal and break sessions can also cause Crowns to fall off afterwards. In fact, we can say that the meticulousness and working habits of the physician will affect the course of the treatment. Thus, if these points are not paid attention to, those who have zirconium crowns may not be satisfied due to crowns whose position changes. An experienced and reliable dentist will eliminate this situation.

Why Are Those Who Have Zirconium Crowns Satisfied?

The method called “glaze”, which ensures the outer surface of zirconium crowns  to have a shiny and slippery appearance, also significantly reduces the stain holding capacity of zirconium crowns. Therefore, patients who consume tea, coffee and cigarettes are satisfied with zirconium.

We have stated that its durability and longevity make zirconium veneers one of the most preferred treatment applications. In these zirconium veneer treatments, which are based on aesthetic concerns, patients’ post-treatment smiles suit them and they are more self-confident; shows that those who have zirconium are satisfied.

However, in order for the treatment to have this appearance, it is useful to remind again that the factors mentioned above affect the satisfaction of those who have zirconium.

Patients with strong stomach reflexes may be uncomfortable while taking measurements during the design of smile aesthetics. The fact that the zirconium crowns is suitable for digital impression taking ensures that these patients are satisfied and a smoother treatment is applied. Clinics with the ability to design digital smiles can perform treatments where patients who have zirconium get more accurate results and are satisfied.

The fact that zirconium crowns can also be applied on dental implants as a prosthesis provides great advantages over old-style metal-supported coatings. Therefore, patients from abroad frequently demand zirconium due to its durability and longevity. Since the aesthetic expectation in the posterior teeth of patients who request implant treatment is the second priority, a prosthesis-implant combination that they will use with durable materials provides significant comfort for the satisfaction of patients who have zirconium crowns on the implant.

Summary and Dent Ümitköy Opinions

We have listed the factors that affect the satisfaction of patients who have zirconium crowns, summarized above, in line with the experiences and patient feedbacks gained over the years.

We know that the high technical capacity and the use of technological equipment during the application of crowns treatments make a difference.

It is possible to say that patients who have zirconium crowns in clinics that do not take risks in terms of material quality and remain on the safe side will be satisfied.

We think that working with laboratories with high technical capacity, which has been working in cooperation for many years, positively affects the treatment process.

The meticulous and detailed work of our expert staff eliminates the problems that may occur during smile aesthetics and zirconium crowns application or after the crowns is applied.