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Our Successful Treatment and Happy Smiles

We went for the fillings of my 5 year old son, he was very scared as it was his first dentist experience. Thanks to Tuba and Sema Hanım, they tried to convince my son for about 1.5 hours. I would like to thank them for being so patient and selfless. We were very satisfied.

2022 Kaplama Diş Fiyatları
Brian Jones

A very successful clinic. Normally, I don’t think to write a comment about the places I get service. But I wanted to be aware of those who are looking for this type of service. Ms. Asli and Songul are very successful. So do other members of the team. I recommend 💫

Diş Hekimliği ve Estetik
Sarah Stephens

I took my 12 year old daughter by chance. Thankfully, our paths crossed with Tugba Hodja, first he made a temporary filling, took us for 3 months, and then with great patience he pulled my daughter’s hard tooth. Thank you very much.

Zirkonyum Kaplama Yaptıranlar Memnun Mu?
Patricia Stevens

Oral and Dental Health Clinic

As an oral and dental health center, a full-fledged health institution, we are your biggest helper in the treatment of many problems/diseases. You can benefit from all our health services such as basic dental examinations and aesthetic dentistry practices in our polyclinics.

Tooth decay, bacterial plaque and tartar accumulated over time, unfortunately, cause many problems. Some of these problems can be listed as follows;

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    Tooth loss
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    Mouth and breath odor
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    Wear of teeth
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    Inflammation of the gums
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    Tooth breakage

To take a decisive step towards healthy and aesthetic teeth, you can fill out the form on our page and contact us.

Don't Lose Tooth With Timely Intervention!

Regular dentist visits are important for oral and dental health. Thus, you can treat tooth decays that you did not notice early and get rid of tooth loss with the necessary intervention.

Detailed x-ray images provide information about the condition of the caries. If the level of caries is very severe, the tooth must be extracted. In this case, implant treatment is a good option. Implant is known as the most effective treatment method for tooth loss. An artificial tooth root is created by mounting a screw, usually made of titanium, into the socket where tooth loss occurs.

After a strong tooth root is created artificially, it remains to place the prosthesis that will form the crown of the tooth. It is necessary to wait a few months for the screw to settle and integrate with the bone tissue. The success of this procedure is followed by your doctor with regular check-up appointments. If no problems are observed, a stylish and durable prosthesis is placed on the screw.

If the tooth decay is mild to moderate, it is usually possible to save the tooth with dental fillings. How is the filling process done? First, the tooth decay is cleaned. This process results in the loss of a certain amount of tooth structure. The partial loss of the tooth is removed by the filling material. Thus, the functional and aesthetic function of the tooth is preserved.

Regain Your Health with Root Canal Treatment in Expert Hands

Tooth decay can sometimes be at advanced levels. In such cases, it is necessary to remove the decaying or infected pulp (tooth pulp). After the procedure, the tooth is disinfected and closed again with a filling. Root canal treatment can also be seen as a kind of filling application. An endodontist also works as a root canal specialist.

Can anterior tooth root canal treatment be done? Of course, the procedure can be performed for all suitable teeth. Dent Ümitköy, a private dental hospital, is at the forefront as a center where procedures such as root canal treatment are successfully performed thanks to its experienced dentists.

Root canal treatment; It is also known as “endodontic dental treatment” or “tooth root canal treatment”. Because root canal treatment is a treatment within the scope of endodontics. The implant is in the field of interest of periodontology.

Getting Teeth Shining Like Pearl Is Not a Dream

An oral and dental health clinic can make your teeth shine and your smile more aesthetic. Coatings take the lead among the processes carried out for this purpose. Although the veneer application is mainly done for aesthetic teeth, it can also be therapeutic in some problems such as tooth decay.

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    Porcelain veneer
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    Zirconium veneer

The processes that we can list as above allow you to have an impressive smile, also known as the Hollywood smile. A similar situation is also valid for implant application.

Veneer treatments are mostly performed for anterior teeth. Because these teeth are the most visible when smiling. Whether you want to have your dental caries treated or to have an impressive smile… You can make an appointment to get the best treatment from the health professionals in our clinic.

You can contact us to get information about dental treatments and to request an appointment.

Treatment Methods

The clinical services offer the full range of treatments on dental care and basic dental treatment.

Gum Diseases Treatment

Application of all necessary treatments for the health of the gums.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth grinding, bruxism or clenching disease.

Root Canal Treatment

Treatment applied to remove the lesion at the root tip.

Teeth Whitening

Aesthetic teeth whitening with the latest technology laser, its application for stained or yellow teeth.

Conservative Dental Treatment (Composite Fillings)

Composite filling application in small and medium-sized tooth tissue losses.

Prosthetic Dentistry (Crowns and Bridges, Removable Dentures)

Solutions based on biological and mechanical requirements with crown and bridge treatments.

Pedodontics (Child Oral and Dental Health)

Treatment applications for dental problems of all children aged 3-12.

Periodontology (Treatment of Gum Diseases)

Treatment of all diseases related to the gums, bones and ligaments surrounding the teeth.

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