Dental Implant

Dental implant is the application of artificial tooth roots and crowns to replace teeth that have fallen out or been extracted for various reasons. Thanks to this application, missing teeth can be replaced with aesthetically and functionally very similar teeth.

Dental implant begins by screwing the implant root into the jawbone. After the healing of the area is completed, the coating with the appropriate appearance and properties is placed on the implant. The materials used in the implant process are produced from materials compatible with the body. Thus, the patient has teeth that can be used for many years.


What is a Dental Implant?


What is a Dental Implant?

Implant teeth is an application that can permanently solve the problems created by lost teeth. The cavity created by an irreversibly decayed or broken, spontaneously fallen tooth negatively affects oral health. There are nutritional problems caused by missing teeth, bad breath, and damage that the missing teeth can cause to neighboring teeth.

With this procedure, an artificial root and tooth are added to replace the teeth lost due to any reason. Problems caused by missing teeth can be eliminated with implant procedures. It is known as an application with a high chance of success in the long term.


However, the success of implant treatment depends on the importance the patient attaches to oral and dental health, as well as the correct application of treatment procedures.

There are different implant types, brands and application methods used in the process also known as screw tooth. The treatment procedure is decided after a medical examination. The most suitable method for the person and the structure of the jawbone is determined after the examination and the procedures are started.

How is an Implant Applied?

Tooth loss causes significant physical and aesthetic problems. Dental implant applications that prevent this situation are becoming widespread and developing day by day. Dental implant application consists of different stages. First, the patient is examined. Then, it is determined whether the jawbone is suitable for the implant by taking x-rays. For people who do not have any obstacles to the procedure, the treatment is completed by following the following steps;

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    Local anesthesia is applied to the area to be implanted.
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    Implant screws are placed into the jawbone by operation.
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    Wait a few months until the dental implants are adapted to the jaw.
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    Then, a veneer suitable for the space in the area is prepared.
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    Then, a veneer suitable for the space in the area is prepared.

Does an implant tooth hurt a lot? The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain or ache during the procedure. Afterwards, pain and pain in the healing process can be prevented with painkillers and other medications.

Some complications will occur in the mouth and jaw during implant application. The doctor’s recommendations should be followed and any prescribed medication should be used regularly. Oral hygiene should be taken care of throughout the process. Thus, it will be possible to avoid infections and successfully complete the implant treatment. At the same time, careful care will make it possible to use the implants for a long time without any problems.

Symptoms of a Failed Implant

Implant treatment is one of today’s common dental applications. In order for this treatment to be completed smoothly, the jaw bone tissue must be suitable. It is also important that the tissues around the implant are healthy. In addition, maintaining oral hygiene throughout the process and complying with other procedures are also important stages in the completion of the process. If the following symptoms and conditions are present, the procedure may have failed;

Persistent, severe pain in the area
Discomfort in the jaw
Dislocation of the implant
Bone loss around the implant
Bleeding in and around the root of the tooth
Bleeding gums, receding gums, etc

In this case, it is possible that the implants or the area may have been damaged after the procedure. Incorrectly made implants that are not suitable for the person may also give symptoms in this way. Patients with pain, bleeding and other complaints should consult a dentist as soon as possible.

Implant Brands

The best implant brands are those that are fully compatible with the body and promise products that will prevent the patient from experiencing problems during and after the procedure. Although there are many implant brands, the features and advantages of each brand are different from each other. For this reason, the choice of implant brand is very important in the dentist’s examination and treatment planning.

The most suitable one for the patient’s expectations should be selected from implants of different brands and features. The brand to be used in the application has a great influence on the answer to the question “How much is 1 implant?“. The price of the brand to be selected has a significant effect on the total cost of the procedure. Therefore, the patient’s budget should also be taken into consideration when determining the implant brand.

An implant selected in accordance with the patient’s expectations will positively affect the results of the application. However, the experience and skill of the dentist in implant application is one of the most important factors of success in the procedure. A dentist who will ensure the correct selection of the implant throughout the process and the healthy progress of the process afterwards should carry out the treatment. The method of implant application and the brand to be selected may vary depending on the age, physical health of the person and how many teeth will be implanted.


Osstem Implant

Dental implants are a long-term application that provides compensation for teeth that have been extracted or lost for various reasons. After the procedure, a tooth emerges that the person can use as functionally as natural teeth. There are many brands that produce implants of different brands and features.

Osstem implant is a Korean implant brand that is frequently preferred. Osstem stands out as a reliable brand for the implant procedure that prevents the loss of chewing and speaking skills and aesthetic problems. Since it provides a long-lasting use, it can also be frequently preferred for those who have implants at a young age. Many different types of coatings can be applied on implants. Other reasons why it is frequently preferred by dentists are as follows;

It has a high success rate and long durability.
It is produced from titanium material that is fully compatible with the body.
Its special outer coating increases body harmony.
It is an approved brand that has taken part in many clinical studies.
It is possible to produce in different sizes and features.

Cochlear Implant

The cochlear implant is an implant that has been used to treat hearing loss for nearly sixty years. People with hearing loss, especially in childhood, have problems with speech and language skills. Thanks to cochlear implants, hearing loss and its consequences can be prevented and reduced.

The device processes the sound signals received by a microphone inside and sends them to electrodes in the inner ear region called the cochlear. These electrodes transmit the signals to the auditory nerves, allowing the person to hear. The person will receive an implant, which is an operation to place a device in the inner ear.

In order to undergo the procedure, the hearing loss must be severe and the hearing aids must be ineffective. This implant procedure can be performed especially for children in childhood who are at risk of developmental problems due to hearing loss. In addition, factors such as the person’s age and general health status are among the factors that determine whether the implant procedure can be performed.


Straumann Implant

Many people who have suffered tooth loss and want to get rid of the problems that have arisen because of this, consult a dentist for implant tooth construction. Straumann implant is suitable for all kinds of coatings on the teeth. As a Swiss-based implant brand, it is frequently preferred during implant procedures.

These implants have undergone long clinical studies. Positive results have emerged in terms of reliability, effectiveness and compatibility with the patient. However, Straumann implants are produced by a company that closely follows the developing technology. Straumann is a company that devotes considerable resources to research and development. This means that patients will always have an implant with the latest technology and quality.

It is a brand that sells worldwide and is preferred by many clinics and dentists. In addition, it is the dentist who will choose between Straumann or other implant brands. Only the dentist can decide which of the implants, which stand out with their different features, is compatible for the patient.


Local Implant Reviews

Implant teeth make it possible to replace missing teeth in the mouth with artificial teeth with the same function and appearance. The implant is essentially a tooth root application, on which “removable prosthesis“, dental prostheses made of porcelain or zirconium material can be placed. There are many implants produced by different companies.

These implants have been imported from abroad for many years. In addition to many brands that produce and import implants, domestic implant brands have increased and developed rapidly in recent years. These Turkish implant brands have started to be preferred by dentists instead of high-priced foreign brands due to exchange rates and transportation costs.

Implant production technology has a certain standard. For this reason, local brand implants do not have significant differences in terms of content and quality with other brands. The comments of the procedures performed with proven brands that produce without compromising material quality are also positive.

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