Dental implant is an artificial tooth root procedure that minimizes the problems that occur after tooth loss. Screws are added to the jawbone where missing teeth are located. This creates tooth roots that can be used for many years.

Dental implants are usually made with screws made of titanium and can be customized. When these screws are integrated with the jawbone, prosthetic teeth are placed on them. Thus, it is possible to solve the problem of missing teeth without damaging other teeth in the mouth. The patient can use their implants as functionally as their natural teeth.


How are Dental Implants Made?

As the application has become accessible and widespread, the questions of what is a dental implant and how it is done have also increased. The implant procedure is performed when tooth loss occurs or when the natural tooth decays to a level that can no longer be saved, when a very deep fracture occurs, etc. Before the procedure, the patient is examined by the dentist. If the unsalvageable natural tooth is in the area, tooth extraction is performed. The application may include different stages depending on the patient’s condition and jaw structure, but the basic procedures to be performed in implant treatment can be listed as follows;

This part includes the patient’s examination and x-ray procedures. Implant treatment is planned for the person who is found to have no obstacles for the application.

The dental implant is mounted to the area with appropriate methods. Usually, a few months of recovery time is required for the area to heal and for the implant to merge with the jaw.

After the implant is compatible with the jawbone, a prosthetic tooth is prepared and placed in the area. The material, type, etc. of the prosthesis will vary depending on many factors.

The implant tooth sometimes acts as a cap for a bridge crown. Here, several implants act as a bridge cap. Thus, in cases of multiple tooth loss, it will be possible to use many prosthetic teeth with a small number of implants. In some cases, a single tooth is reconstructed with implant treatment.

How Long Does Implant Dental Treatment Take?

Today, implant applications have become quite common. The longevity of the application has also increased the number of people applying for implant treatment at a young age. Thanks to the implant procedure, aesthetic and physical problems caused by missing teeth can be prevented. It is possible to have all teeth implanted, as well as a single tooth can be treated with this treatment method. So, How long does a single tooth implant take? For a single implant, a period of 3 months is usually required from the first surgery to the dental prosthesis placement stage.

These durations may vary depending on the following factors;

The patient’s bone structure
Tissue healing rate
Actions taken
Other existing diseases

If the patient does not have the appropriate bone structure for the implant, bone grafting surgery may be required before the procedure. This will mean that the procedures will take longer. Harmful habits, metabolic diseases or medications that may affect the rate of tissue healing are also factors that may cause this time to vary.

Before and After Implant Teeth

Getting implant teeth is a relatively laborious process. There are some points to be considered before and after this treatment. In this way, it will be possible to complete the implant process in a healthy way and the patient will have new tooth roots and teeth.

  • The procedure should be performed by a specialist physician.
  • The general health condition of the patient should be good before the procedure.
  • Blood thinners etc. should not be used before the procedure.
  • Oral-dental hygiene should be emphasized before and during the process.

As a result of the implant stages, an artificial tooth will be added to replace the extracted tooth. After this surgical operation, the person should regularly use the medications prescribed by the physician and pay attention to oral hygiene. Smoking after the procedure may prevent the wound from healing, so it is a behavior that should be avoided. Thanks to the good management of the process, you will have teeth that can be used for many years. For this reason, the patient will need to follow the instructions given by the physician before and after the implant.

How much is 1 Implant Tooth?

There will be many factors when determining implant prices. The institution where the procedure is performed, the expertise of the physician, the quality of the materials to be used can change these prices. However, since the procedure procedure will differ, 32 tooth implant prices and single tooth implant cost will of course be calculated differently.

State hospital implant tooth price is more affordable compared to clinics serving in this field. However, these procedures take longer in state hospitals compared to private clinics. In addition, implant and crown dental materials covered by the SSI may have a shorter lifespan compared to those used in private dental clinics.

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