Diş Kaplama Fiyatları

Dental veneer prices vary depending on the type and number of veneers. In addition, the price policy of the clinic and the experience of the physician are among the factors affecting the prices. Therefore, it is not possible to specify a clear price for dental veneers.

Dental veneer prices are primarily determined according to the type of veneer. Many materials can be used for veneers, from gold to nickel to elements such as porcelain and zirconium. These materials differ from each other in terms of basic cost. In addition, depending on the size and number of veneers, there will be changes in the cost of the procedure to the patient.

Dental Veneers Prices 2023

Today, the application has become widespread and has become a common dentistry treatment. In this direction, there are many people who enter the veneer tooth prices research. According to the tariff published by the Turkish Dental Association, the veneer tooth prices for 2023 are determined as follows;

Diş Kaplama Fiyatlar
ApplicationExcluding VAT PriceIncluding VAT Price (8%)
One Piece Cast Crown1.976,85 ₺2.135,00 ₺
Veneer Crown (Acrylic)2.388,89 ₺2.580,00 ₺
Veneer Crown* (Ceramic)2.666,67 ₺2.880,00 ₺
Veneer Crown on Implant (Ceramic) (Excluding Abutment Fee)3.245,373.505,00 ₺
Laminate Veneer Composite2.120,37 ₺2.290,00 ₺
Laminate Veneer (Acrylic)2.777,78 ₺3.000,00 ₺
Laminate Veneer (Ceramic)7.120,37 ₺7.690,00 ₺
Jaket Crown (Acrylic)1.949,07 ₺2.105,00 ₺
Jaket Crown (Composite)1.777,78 ₺1.920,00 ₺
Full Ceramic Crown (without Metal Support)5.935,19 ₺6.410,00 ₺
Telescope Crown** (Koping)2.666,67 ₺2.880,00 ₺
* Excluding precious metal and zirconium fee.
** Excluding precious metal fee.

Are Dental Veneers Covered by the Public Hospital?

Various dental treatments can be applied in dental hospitals and many state-affiliated health institutions. It is also one of the curious issues whether dental veneers are included in these applications. There are many people who want to have veneers but want to have this procedure done free of charge in state institutions due to coating prices. Single tooth veneer prices may be relatively affordable, but when combined with other treatments, high sums arise.

The state hospital can perform dental veneers. Some veneers and prostheses may be completely free of charge. For some veneers, differential fees of various amounts have to be paid. Some details that those who want to have veneers in the state institution should know are as follows;

No fee is charged for procedures performed with materials that are necessary for human health and are not luxurious.

The duration of the application will vary depending on the intensity of the hospital.

The patient cannot determine the type of coatings made in accordance with the basic necessity of life.

The patient will usually have to wait for long periods of time for each procedure.

Complete Tooth Restoration Price

Depending on factors such as age and gender, teeth may fall out, fracture, decay, etc. may occur over the years. Especially many people over a certain age or who have lost a high number of teeth due to gum problems want to have a complete dental crown.

Complete veneer tooth prices differ according to the price policy of the clinic to which the patient applies. In addition, the materials to be used are also important factors for prices. If the person has enough teeth, it is possible to make a fixed prosthetic coating by building a bridge over these teeth. For people who do not have enough or healthy teeth, dental planning is usually done after the implant application. After the implant is completed, the teeth prepared according to the determined size are placed and it is ensured to have teeth that are as functional as natural teeth. In addition, if the material and workmanship are of high quality, it is very difficult to distinguish these teeth from natural teeth.

People who search for veneer prices for all their teeth should also consider the necessary procedures before and after the application and learn the cost of the entire treatment process. It is very important to have a procedure with a specialized and experienced dentist in a clinic that makes dental coating using quality materials. In this way, it will be possible for the procedure to be permanent for many years and for the person to have an aesthetic and beautiful smile.

Diş Kaplama Fiyatları

How Many Days Does 1 Tooth Veneer Take?

Teeth play an important role in eating, drinking and speaking, and are of great importance for an aesthetic and beautiful appearance. Tooth loss and implant treatments to solve this problem, caries and the process afterwards, in some cases broken teeth can be repaired and renewed with the veneering process. In addition to these, veneers can be applied only for teeth that do not look aesthetic in terms of size or appearance. Thus, the patient has an aesthetic smile.

In addition to the question “how much is a dental veneer“, “how long does the veneer last” is also one of the frequently wondered ones. The first thing to know is that this procedure depends on many factors and therefore does not have a fixed duration.

Dental veneers are usually planned in two sessions. If there will be a tooth shortening, etc., this time includes a forty-minute procedure and a ten-minute mold taking process and is completed in about an hour. This time may vary for crowns, implant teeth, etc. The most accurate information will be given by a physician after examination.

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