Why is Smile Design Popular?

Smile design has become a highly demanded dentistry practice area in recent years, with the active use of social media. Many people want to smile freely and avoid worrying about how they look in photos. As a result of the reflections of the technological developments in the field of dentistry, the fact that digital dentistry practices have also advanced considerably, guaranteeing a high level of post-treatment satisfaction.

Who Can Have a Smile Design?

Having to cover their mouth while smiling is no longer a necessity for today’s people. Preliminary examinations of our patients for smile design application are made and their requests are received. In particular, the most suitable option for the patient is shared in detail by considering the crookedness, discolored fillings, caries, gap between teeth (diastema), color incompatibility, less or more visible teeth and gum problems in the smile design application.

How Will I Look After Smile Design?

In order for the smile design to be successful, the teeth are not handled alone, the face is evaluated as a whole. It provides the best service to our patients by actively using the latest digital dentistry applications. With digital measurement techniques, it is possible to simulate beforehand what the patients will look like after smile design. In this way, the risk of encountering unwanted surprises is eliminated.

How Long Does Smile Design Application Take?

How long the smile design application will take depends entirely on your special wishes and the state of your oral health. Before the smile design, the necessary gingival treatments, filling, canal, implant treatment, etc. applications are made for a healthy mouth. While these treatments are being performed, the before and after photos of the smile design applications we have done in the past are shared with the patient. In this process, the patient determines one of the solutions that will be suitable for his/her face, lip and mouth structure and his/her budget by exchanging opinions with our dentist. Afterwards, digital and manual intraoral measurements are taken. This process usually take about 7-10 days.

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