How is smile design Performed? Smile aesthetics is the general name given to the process of achieving a healthy and aesthetically pleasing mouth, teeth, jaw and lip structure. With a detailed and meticulous treatment, the patient is provided with the most appropriate smile for the facial structure.

When looking for an answer to the question of how to make a smile design, it should be kept in mind that the treatment stages will cover the needs of the patient and therefore a personalized application process will be planned. Smile aesthetic procedures allow the person to have the most compatible smile in line with their current oral and dental health, bone structure, medical history and expectation from the procedure.

What is Smile Aesthetics? How is Smile Design Performed?

The first step of smile design or smile aesthetics is healthy teeth, well-positioned jaw and palate structure, and healthy gums that look aesthetically pleasing in size and color. For this reason, health problems in the mouth, teeth, palate and gums should be resolved as the first step when starting the process.

Smile design can be applied for the following problems;

  • Tooth color problems
  • Crooked, broken, cracked or missing teeth,
  • Gum problems (color, size, etc.)
  • interdental spaces,
  • Tooth length inequalities or unsuitable tooth length,
  • In general, all mouth, tooth and jaw asymmetries.

It should be considered that the process is personal with many details.

How is Smile Design Performed?
How is Smile Design Performed?

Smile design can be applied in general with the following processes;

  • Various radiographic and clinical examinations are performed to examine the person’s jaw, palate, teeth and gum structure.
  • , applications such as palate and transparent plaque, which make the palate and jaw structure suitable for smile aesthetics , can be used.
  • If a disease, color or size problem is detected in the gums, appropriate actions are taken. Gingival procedures are generally referred to as “pink aesthetics ”. Procedures such as filling and gingival tissue regeneration can be performed to ensure that the gingival length and appearance are compatible with the smile.

Whether teeth whitening or implants, require great care and expertise.

Who Is Smile Design Performed?

How to make smile aesthetics , the most frequently asked question is who is suitable for the procedure. The structure of the teeth is susceptible to change and deterioration over the years. Moreover, the earlier the problems in the palate, jaw and tooth roots are detected, the easier action can be taken for a solution. However, there is no age to achieve an aesthetic smile. Since smile aesthetics is a set of procedures to achieve a “beautiful smile”, it is easy to adapt to many differences and needs.

Anyone who wants to have a beautiful, impressive smile can benefit from these procedures. As Dent Ümitköy, we bring aesthetic smiles to patients of all ages, with all oral and dental health backgrounds.

How is Smile Design Performed?

How Long Does Smile Aesthetics Last?

Since it is a set of personalized procedures, the completion time of smile aesthetics is not clear. It is possible to have a new smile in about two weeks if no adjustments are required on the teeth, gums, jaw and palate during the applications .

However, there are quite a few parameters that determine this time interval. There is always the possibility of going beyond the specified time. In addition, it is normal that a long effort is required for a procedure that will make you completely satisfied and bring the aesthetics of your smile to the fore .

In order to complete the smile aesthetic procedures, it is necessary for the patient to have a full oral and dental health, and there should be no existing problems in the teeth and gums. When all these conditions are met, the designs made in the digital environment are determined with the patient and the necessary procedures for the application of smile aesthetics are completed.

With the advancement of technology, product variety and increase in demand, smile aesthetic procedures are becoming widespread due to the decrease in prices and the proliferation of clinics. Questions such as the cost, duration and permanence of smile aesthetic applications are also asked by many people. You can contact Dent Ümitköy to get answers to these questions and more . We will be happy to bring you an aesthetic and happy smile as soon as possible and with the least possible procedure.