Jawline filler is a medical aesthetic application applied by many people who want to make the jaw line more pronounced. With this filling, the facial features of the person become clear, a more emphasized and thin face line is obtained.

Jawline filler is applied according to facial features, genetic factors and expectations. There are different filling options suitable for each person’s face and physiology. The process to be done will be individual, in different regions and amounts. In this way, it is ensured that the person has the most natural jaw line on his/her own face.

How to Apply Jawline Filler?

The word jawline describes the line at the edge of the jaw. What is jawline? The answer to this question can be given in this way.

Filler in jawline is an application to make the jaw line clearer, to make the jowl area less visible and to give the face a pointed appearance. The fact that women have a more pointed facial line and men have an angular facial line positively affects the aesthetic appearance. Jaw filling is a procedure that takes a very short time and has a low risk of complications. For this reason, jawline filling is a procedure that is frequently requested by both women and men.


This filling is made on the area from the chin to the ear level. In some cases, filling is applied throughout the entire jaw, while filling is applied only for a certain part. It is often done in the following situations;

  • Lower jaw contouring and discomfort due to appearance,
  • Inequality between the jaw lines,
  • A distinct and drooping appearance of the tickle area,
  • Uncertainty of the jaw lines,
  • Round face appearance due to chin smallness and uncertainty.

Jaw Filling Procedure

Jaw filling can be applied to the chin tip or to the masseter area at the end of the ear. However, it is possible to perform a filling procedure for the entire chin. The chin filling is mostly done to prevent the chin recession or the drooping appearance of the jowl area. Emphasizing the masseter area is a jawline filling procedure especially requested by male patients. How to define the jawline, how to apply the jawline, the answers to the questions are as follows;

    • Before the application, the patient is examined.
    • Application areas are anesthetized with local anesthesia.
    • Filling injections are made in appropriate doses to the area.
    • The process takes about fifteen minutes.
    • Then the patient can return to his/her daily life by paying attention to certain issues.

    Pain and redness may occur in the area during and after the filling. Apart from these, there is no risk of serious long-term complications.


How Long do Jawline Fillers Last?

Because the jawbone is not clear, people who are not satisfied with their facial features can achieve the look they want thanks to jawline or chin fillers. This procedure is a short, painless and long-lasting application. If it is applied by an experienced physician who uses reliable filling materials approved by the Ministry of Health, the risk of side effects is very low.

The permanence period of the jawline filling is between one and two years, depending on various factors. Especially for the first filling, this period may be a little shorter. The factors affecting this period can be listed as follows;

  • The person’s body and jaw structure,
  • Daily habits,
  • How well it complies with the necessary maintenance procedures after filling,
  • Amount of fillers for the jawline.

Is jawline filling risky? Correctly applied jawline filling does not pose a significant risk to the patient. Known side effects are those that go away in a short time and are usually caused by a needle application. Materials with hyaluronic acid, which are known to be compatible with the skin, are used for the procedure.


Jawline Fillers Cost

Procedures such as chin filling, lip augmentation performed by a physician are applications that have a certain cost. Factors such as the quality of the product to be used, the hygiene location of the operating clinic, and the experience of the physician are among the determining factors for the jawline filler cost. The procedure is preferred due to factors such as fast results and reliability.

Other important issues for filler prices can be listed as follows;

  • The amount of filling to be applied for the patient,
  • Materials required for the procedure to be performed,
  • The level of change desired to be made in the region,
  • The duration of the operation, etc.

Jaw filler prices depend on many variables. However, there are also businesses that require small numbers for the transaction but are not secure. It is vital that the procedure is preferred in a place that is expert in the field, has experience in the subject and is supervised by the Ministry of Health. Because wrong applications or use of wrong materials can lead to serious consequences. The physical health and psychology of the person may be adversely affected by the situation.

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