Jawline filling is an aesthetic procedure that accentuates facial features. The chin and jawline area may not be evident for various reasons. On this line, problems can be seen due to inequality or genetic structure. The filling process prevents this situation.

Jawline filling can be applied where it is necessary, in the area extending from the ear level to the tip of the chin. Thus, it is possible to hide the tickle area and prevent the appearance of sagging. The problem of wrinkles on the chin or being behind can be solved with this method. The application, which ensures that the face shape is proportional, is one of today’s common aesthetic procedures.

Jawline Jaw Filler

Inverted triangular facial features in women and angular facial features in men create a more aesthetic appearance. To achieve this look, filler jawline is done. Various filling materials injected under the skin will make the area look sharp, prominent, longer, or angular. Thus, the image that the person is uncomfortable with will disappear.

For people who want to have the procedure, “How long do jawline fillers last?” or “How can I make my jaw fillers last longer?” Similar questions may arise. Jawline filler can be permanent for one and a half to two years. Factors determining the duration;

  • The skin structure of the person,
  • Daily habits,
  • Matters such as the material and amount of the filling.

It is possible to fill the jawline in different amounts and contents. In addition, jawline fillers are applied in different amounts to different areas in men and women. This may cause changes in the permanence period of the process.

Sleeping style, skin care applied to the face, etc. procedures are also important issues in terms of the permanence of the filling.

Jawline Dolgu

How is Jawline Filling Made?

What is jawline padding? It involves the injection of a filler made of various substances under the skin. This filler can extend along the jaw line or can only be applied to a certain part. Generally, hyaluronic acid and various enzymes and serums are added to the injection used in jawline aesthetic applications. The content used in the application is similar to the other parts of the face. In many points, the method of application is also similar to lip augmentation or cheekbone filler.

Jawline filler application is done as follows;

  • After the examination and control, the skin surface is cleaned.
  • An anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated.
  • The filling material is delivered under the skin by means of a needle.
  • The patient can return to his daily life after resting in the clinic for fifteen minutes to half an hour.

Jawline filling is not applied to pregnant or lactating women, people with blood clotting problems. People with chronic diseases should definitely inform the physician before the procedure. Filling materials can cause an allergic reaction in some bodies. At this point, the person and the physician who will perform the application should act cautiously.

Considerations Before Jawline Filler

Jawline filling is an aesthetic application frequently applied by both women and men. Thanks to the easy-to-apply process, the jawbone and facial lines are clarified. Thus, a weaker, more expressive image emerges. There are some issues that patients should pay attention to before and after the jawline. In this way, it will be possible for the procedure to produce permanent and healthy results.

    • People with a chronic illness who are considering the jawline procedure should share this with their physician.
    • Persons under the age of 18 are not processed.
    • Filling out an application is not recommended for pregnant women or those with suspected pregnancy.
    • Before the procedure, blood thinners should not be used, and if there is a known coagulation problem, the procedure should not be performed.
    • If the patient has an allergic or sensitive body, an allergy test should be performed before the procedure.

    It will be possible to achieve the desired jaw line and jaw appearance with the jawline filling to be made by considering these issues.

Jawline Dolgu

Considerations After Jawline Filler

There are things to be considered before as well as after the procedure. Things to consider in order to spread the application under the skin correctly and complete the process without deteriorating physical health can be listed as follows:

  • After the application, the patient should not lie down for a few hours and should not tilt the head for a long time.
  • It is necessary to avoid strenuous exercises on the first day.
  • Chemical products should not be applied to the treated area and should be saved for the period recommended by the physician for make-up and skin care.
  • In the first week, it is necessary to stay away from areas such as pools and baths, which are at risk of causing infection.
  • Laser epilation should not be applied to the area for a while after the procedure.
  • It would be appropriate to wait a similar period for dental treatments as well.

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