Make a Difference in Your Smile with Smile Makeover

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When you meet new people, the first thing people notice about you is your smile. A confident smile will not only help you shine in the crowd, but will also make a positive impression on people.

Cosmetic dentistry options used to create your smile makeup consist of using veneers or implants.

What Is Considered While Making Smile Design?

It is very important to have the necessary interviews with the patient before the treatment. Because in this interview, the patient states exactly what he/she complains about his/her teeth. All the necessary plans for treatment are made after this meeting. In addition, in smile design processes;

lip structure
length of teeth
Gingival features
Lip and tooth harmony
situations are taken into account. Because each of them means a whole in itself. If any of them are ignored and treatment is started, it will not be possible to produce the desired results.

Is Face Shape Important in Smile Design?

Face shape is definitely important in smile design applications. Because the face is in a whole with teeth and smile. In order to ensure this integrity that we have mentioned, it is essential that both the tooth structure and the face shape are compatible with each other.

In addition, gender is also important in obtaining an aesthetic smile with smile design procedures. Because while the tooth structure is more delicate and oval in women, angular teeth are dominant in men.

How long is the treatment period in smile design?
It is possible to say that the duration of treatment in smile design primarily varies from patient to patient. The complaints and mouth structure of the patients generally determine the duration of the treatment.

This period can sometimes be a single day, or sometimes it can vary between 2 and 15 days. Therefore, the patient’s complaints and mouth structure always come to the fore during the treatment process.

Patient Gains with Smile Design

After the applications made within the scope of smile design, every patient has an aesthetic smile. There is a significant improvement in the tooth structure. In addition, the harmony of the teeth with the lips and face is ensured.

Of course, it would not go without saying that the teeth have gained a brighter and more lively structure. In addition to these, the person gains various advantages in terms of both dental and oral health. In fact, with a regular care that needs to be done after the smile design, the person acquires the habit of dental and oral care.