Teeth whitening methods are various applications that can be done with natural or chemical products. Depending on the rate of yellowing in the teeth, tooth structure and other factors, the effect of whitening processes will vary.

Teeth whitening methods have a wide range of different options. It can be applied at home with simple materials and there are products suitable for this in pharmacies or markets. The most effective teeth whitening application will be the whitening process to be performed by a dentist in a clinic. In this way, it may be possible for deep yellowing and long-standing stains to disappear.

Teeth Whitening Methods at Home

It is a condition that everyone wants to have a white and bright appearance of teeth. The answer to the questions such as “How do the teeth whiten in 1 week” or “How do the teeth whiten the fastest” is because people who do not find the whiteness of their teeth sufficient are curious. At home, a certain level of whiteness can be achieved with different bleaching processes that can be easily applied.

Tooth whitening with natural methods at home: The most commonly used method for natural teeth whitening at home is tooth whitening with baking soda. Baking soda with lemon or cinnamon, sage, etc. It can provide superficial whitening and shine when mixed with toothpaste and applied.

Natural products to be used for teeth whitening at home can only give a temporary whitening effect. Tooth yellowing is a condition that occurs over a long period of time due to many effects. For this reason, it is not possible to see permanent improvement in a short time with simple solutions.

Again, teeth whitening tape, paste, etc. that can be applied at home. It is possible to get relatively effective results with these products.

Teeth whitening tape: It is a method often preferred by those who do not have the budget and time for laser teeth whitening or other clinical applications. Teeth whitening tape is usually produced in different sizes for transparent and upper and lower teeth. It is sold in packages with various amounts of whitening tape and there are different products from different brands.

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How to use teeth whitening tape?

These tapes are adhered to the upper and lower teeth in accordance with the instructions on it.
Thanks to the tooth whitening substances in the sticky part, the teeth are visibly whitened.
In order for the tape to give effective results, it should be kept in the mouth in accordance with the instructions and for a period of time. However, there is a risk of damage to the teeth if the time in the instructions is exceeded.

Is there any harm to the teeth whitening tape? If the usage time is exceeded, the teeth whitening tape may damage the teeth and gums. In addition, it is necessary to brush the teeth carefully after the application and not swallow the gel on the band. The tapes used in this way do not harm the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Prices

What to do for white teeth? There are different answers to this frequently asked question. Brushing after beverages such as tea and coffee that cause yellowing of the teeth can prevent or slow down the yellowing. There are different methods for whitening teeth, but the most effective application will be done by a dentist. There are office type and home type applications for whitening done by the doctor.

“How to do home teeth whitening?”

For home-type teeth whitening, a special plaque is made for the teeth and gels given by the doctor are applied to these plaques. The use of plaque with whitening gel, which remains for 5-6 hours in a certain routine at home, provides a significant whiteness in about a week.

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“Office teeth whitening”

For this, the application will be made by the doctor in the clinic. Teeth are whitened with laser-activated or directly applied gels. The application, which takes about forty-five minutes, will take effect in a few sessions depending on the condition of the teeth.

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Teeth whitening will vary depending on the method used and the number of application sessions. Since the main color of each tooth is not the same tone, the results should not be expected to be the same. Teeth whitening prices are determined in Ankara and all other provinces according to the tariff determined by the Turkish Dental Association. In this direction, 2023 teeth whitening prices are as follows;

Action to be takenPrice Excluding VATPrice Including VAT (8%)
Teeth Bleaching (Bleaching Vital Single Tooth Maximum 4 Pieces) (Excluding Material Fee)467,59 ₺505,00 ₺
Tooth Bleaching (Whitening – Devital Single Tooth) (Per Session – Excluding Filling)587,96 ₺635,00 ₺
Teeth Bleaching (Whitening – Single Jaw) (Excluding Material Fee)2.787,04 ₺3.010,00 ₺

Dent Ümitköy provides service with appropriate equipment and expert team for teeth whitening methods applied in the clinic and many other procedures. You can contact us for detailed information and prices about all procedures.