“What is implant? “ is one of the questions that people who have dental problems and especially those who have lost their teeth are most curious about. After tooth loss, the person faces various difficulties both physically and socially. Implants, also known as screwed teeth , are often applied as a highly functional and effective method for completing missing teeth.

What is implant?  Tt is necessary to consider that this procedure is a personal application, although it has various standards. How long the procedure will take, its cost and many other points can only be determined as a result of a detailed physician examination.

What is implant and how is it inserted?

Sometimes the root of the tooth loses its function for various reasons and it becomes necessary to extract the tooth. It is also known that some diseases such as gum recession and inadequate oral care during special periods such as pregnancy cause tooth loss. With implant dental applications, the patient can regain their lost tooth or teeth. Teeth prepared by applying implants are not noticed from the outside, do not come out on their own, or are not used by removing and inserting them.

dental implant application are as follows;

  • The patient is evaluated in terms of bone structure, social and hygiene habits, and diseases.
  • The size of the implant is determined by radiological examination.
  • The implant made of titanium is prepared individually and the day is determined for the procedure.
  • Under local anesthesia, an implant is applied to the jawbone.
  • Heads are placed on the implant that has completed its healing period and fused with the jawbone, which will allow the gums to heal properly for a new tooth.
  • Dental veneers made of zirconium or different materials that will meet the expectations and needs of the patient are placed on the implant
What is Implant?
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Implant Treatment

Implant is an application that takes a long time compared to many other oral and dental health procedures. Because the healing of the scar tissues is expected for the implementation of each stage. However, it is an application that can be used comfortably and for a long time like one’s own teeth, and the problems arising from tooth loss can be completely eliminated. For this reason, despite all its troubles, it is in high demand in dentistry procedures.

It differs from other lost tooth solutions as follows;

  • As in the bridge process, there is no need to chip the solid teeth on the side for a single loss.
  • It is very durable thanks to the titanium material applied to the jawbone.
  • biocompatible material, it is well tolerated and does not impair the sense of taste.

Types of Implant Treatment

For implant treatment, the jawbone must be intact. However, bone grafting can be applied to implant treatment of jaw bones that are not in this situation . Thanks to the transplantation of healthy tissues in the mouth, implants can be applied to people whose jaw bone surface is not suitable. However, this procedure is also very costly and challenging for the patient. In some cases , it is possible to perform the procedure without a bone graft with a mini-implant .

  • If the patient is older,
  • If the cost of bone grafting is avoided,
  • Mini-implants are preferred when surgical trauma caused by the procedure is not desired.

In addition, the narrow jawbone is one of the reasons why this procedure is preferred.

Even if people need the procedure, they may delay the treatment because of the complications and the waiting time. However, seamless implant application , which is very useful in these cases and reduces the complications after implant application , is also becoming widespread today. Although the result of this procedure is similar to the traditional implant treatment, the application and the subsequent process can be very comfortable for the patient.

In order for a seamless implant to be applied, there should be no problem in the jawbone. After the procedures, the person gets a new tooth in a shorter time than with traditional implants. In addition, the risk of complications that may arise from detailed surgical procedures in the traditional method is reduced to a minimum.

What is Implant?

Implant Prices

Implant treatment is very comprehensive and is applied with a combination of different procedures.

  • General health status of the patient,
  • The type of coating to be used in the treatment,
  • Application of bone graft-like procedures,
  • Details such as the method of implant application affect the costs.

In addition to all these, there are multiple brands that manufacture and sell implant materials. It is used in clinics in Turkey by companies from many countries, from South Korea to Turkey. The price policies and quality of these brands are different. It is important for the person to apply to a dentist who is competent in this regard in order to receive both economical and best service.

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