What is smile design? This process, also known as smile design , is a treatment that is frequently used in recent times to ensure that the person has full oral and dental health and that there are no visual problems in the teeth or gums.

What is smile design, is the basic question of everyone who wants to benefit from the application. As we know today, dental aesthetics affects not only the physical appearance of the person, but also the mental and physical health of the person. For example, if the crowding of the teeth is not treated with braces, it causes various stomach and esophageal problems, improperly arranged teeth can easily decay and start a process leading to tooth loss.

How is smile design done?

A large part of the smile aesthetic process is personal. The change before and after smile design differs according to the expectation of the person and the existing mouth and tooth structure. The basic procedures applied to patients who applied for dental aesthetics with problems that do not require surgical intervention can be listed as follows;

What is Smile Design?
  • The mouth and teeth of the person are photographed and the necessary measurements are taken.
  • Teeth and gingiva, jaw and palate structure are examined with radiographic and clinical examinations.
  • The appearance of the mouth and teeth in accordance with the expectation of the person is determined. Actions to be taken in line with these requests are determined.
  • When necessary, treatments such as palate and transparent plaque are applied to the person.
  • smile design suitable for the person’s face, lip, palate and chin structure , the appearance is decided.
  • Applications such as porcelain lamina and pink aesthetics are prepared in a short time and applied to the patient permanently for the appearance of teeth and gums that will best suit the person’s face.

The process of having an impressive and aesthetic smile can sometimes involve detailed and sometimes challenging processes. In some cases, it may be necessary to resort to surgery or long-term procedures to regulate the patient’s oral and dental health and the structure of the teeth. We can list these operations in general as follows;

What is Smile Design?

Braces treatment: Because it is a very long process, other solutions are sought as much as possible. But in some cases, teeth whitening etc. A suitable braces treatment should be applied to the patient in order to proceed with the final procedures such as

Jaw surgery procedures: In some cases, dental problems may arise from the structure of the jaw. Although it is not preferred, maxillofacial surgery can be used as a pre-procedure so that the chin can be in the proper position and condition.

Gum surgery: Some problems and diseases in the gums impair both the smile and health. Especially in serious diseases such as gingival recession, it may be necessary to correct the gums with a surgical operation and to continue the smile aesthetic process after these procedures.

Implant applications: In order to provide an aesthetic and healthy smile, the teeth must be full and healthy. Coating etc. Although problematic teeth can be repaired with these procedures, this may not always be possible. In these cases, the tooth must be extracted and replaced with an implant. In addition, the teeth may not always be complete before the procedure. The missing teeth of the patient should be completed before the procedures to be performed. For this, although it is not a very simple procedure in terms of implant treatment, application and healing process , it is used today as a common and safe surgical method.

What is Smile Design?

Who is smile aesthetics for?

Aesthetic and other problems that will affect dental and oral health usually occur at an early age. The earlier the age at which a patient with crooked teeth or defective jaw anatomy starts the procedure, the faster the speed of the procedure can be brought forward.

Anyone who wants to have a beautiful, impressive smile can benefit from these procedures. As Dent Umitkoy, we bring aesthetic smiles to patients of all ages, with all oral and dental health backgrounds.

How much does a smile design cost?

Smile aesthetics is the whole of various processes that ensure that the teeth are healthy, in appropriate alignment and length, and in the appropriate color. In addition, white, appropriately sized teeth and a lip and jaw structure compatible with the teeth should be a part of these processes. The most important detail is that all procedures are carried out under appropriate conditions and with specialist physicians.

It is not possible to determine a clear price, as the transactions are individual and prices may vary. We invite you to Dent Ümitköy to get a price and discuss other details.